About DFEC

The Document Fraud Expertise Centre (DFEC) is one of the specialized Sections of the Ghana Immigration Service and operates as part of the Intelligence Division of the Operations Department of GIS.

The DFEC was officially commissioned in June 2010, and has since been operating as a Centre of Excellence, equipped with ultra-modern equipment for its activities.

The Centre is the only one of the few around the world.

DFEC has operated purely as a Back Office for the Ghana Immigration Service, Allied Institutions, and some foreign Embassies.

GIS DFEC contributes to the global fight against terrorism, money laundering, human smuggling/trafficking and drug trafficking by providing authentication of travel, security, identity and source documents for national security.


The Centre is headed by an Officer in Charge (OIC) of Chief Superintendent Rank, assisted by a Second in Command (2IC), both DOC-2 experts.

The Head reports to the Comptroller General of Immigration through the Deputy Comptroller Operations and Command Post.


DFEC basically INVESTIGATES, in terms of conducting verifications for GIS and other agencies, basic level and tailored training programmes in document fraud detection and management, and advising on security features for the production of new security documents.

We conduct verification and authentication of Passports, Marriage, Birth and Death certificates, Visas, Permits (Residence/Work) for the various Permit Processing Sections; the Anti-Human Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons (AHSTIP) Unit, the Prosecutions Unit of the Legal Department of the Ghana Immigration Service and a host of stakeholders; The CID of Ghana Police Service and other State Security Agencies, Births and Deaths Registry, The NIA, Embassies, Foreign Missions, Consulates, Banks and Financial Institutions within and beyond the country.

We also support activities of Intelligence Division of G I S.

Other stakeholders are The CID of the Ghana Police Service, The Passport Office (MFA), The NIA, Embassies and High Commissions in Ghana, Birth and Death Registry, Banks and other Financial Institutions within and beyond the country.

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