Case Management Procedures

Whenever a Document or a case is referred to the Center, a Registrar receives and registers the Document and the system automatically generates a special number for the document. The Registrar then forwards the Document to the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) who then assigns it to a Document Expert for examination.

After the Document Expert completes the examination of the document, it is scanned and stored in the archive. The report is sent back to the OIC who signs and seals the report and sends it back to the Registrar for delivery to the stakeholder. In all the process, there is an audit trail, so that anyone who handled the document can be traced when necessary.

There are cases that are referred directly to Investigators of Center to delve “deeper” to get to the bottom of issues that are complex in nature linking to other known Cross border Crimes i.e. Drugs, Human Smuggling/Trafficking, etc.

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